Weekly HSK News

Dear Family and Friends around the world

It is Sunday night here and someone says a big typhoon will hit at midnight. So far just a little wind and rain so I’m not sure what is happening. But….I think we will not be in any danger. Wow. It was the Bahamas that got hit hard! Praying for them. So, today I think one came for the first time but also a wayward daughter of one of the Filipino sisters came unexpected. Lord, work a little more in her heart….she really needs You! The treat today was showing the attached video of a visit from Hawaii…25 Christians came for one day and were such a blessing. We will able to get them into a kindergarten, a retirement home, and a private high school. The video is of their visit to the high school. Doors are opening! Thank you for praying. September is going to be a good month. Ruth and I plan to be in the States from the 15th to early October but not sure if we will be close to your house. Anyhow, we will keep in touch. Leaving the church in good care with 3 Brazilian brothers! Ha! They love to preach! God bless you today. Love from us to you…..