Weekly HSK News

Dear Family and Friends around the world

Yes, this note is coming to you before Sunday. Why? Ruth and I leave for Kobe on Sunday afternoon to be with Joanna, Daisuke-san, and their twins, for a few days. Joanna is expecting her third child and wants a little help and mostly encouragement, I think. Anyhow, we anticipate a great day tomorrow, Sunday, at the church. Who will come for the first time? Exciting. Yesterday, I visited a young Brazilian man in a nearby jail. After too many years of going the wrong way it seems he has turned around and following the Lord. (I have been told that jails are full of Brazilians!) Lord willing, he gets out in September or sooner. It’s a long story but I told him that I and church members are waiting with big handshakes and hugs just for him whenever he enters the church. It’s the sick who need a doctor, right? A Brazilian brother will be our speaker next week. Oh…too much to tell. But, thank you again for praying for us. Attached pics were taken recently by ladies who love to take pics! Anyhow….