Weekly HSK News

Dear Family and Friends around the world

We have had 2 days of great events. First, Sunday included perhaps 2 who attended the church for the first time….I forgot the exact number. Our Brazilian overseer was the main speaker and he encourages everyone with his passion. This was followed by a very good deacons’ meeting…wow….those Christians love the church, they respect me, and they want more of God! It’s so good to meet with them. No one comes with a bad attitude or complaining. Pic 6 was taken 2 Sundays ago as we sang Amazing Grace. We sang in three languages and I asked groups of Christians to come forward and lead in their language. These 2 brothers sang in Japanese. The best part is not in the pic; As they sang the last verse, they threw their arm over the other’s shoulder and sang with so much passion. I thought heaven had come down. It was shouting time again. Wow! Pic 4 & 5 were at a Tokyo wedding we attended yesterday, Monday. I water baptized the groom when he lived in Hamamatsu and faithfully attended the church. And now he is married to a beautiful Christian woman. Both serve in their church near Tokyo. Following the wedding we met with Christians (5 young ladies)who were members of the church but now live in Tokyo going to school and working…pic 1, 2, 3. Ruth commented how they were once in our care and have remained lovely Christians. All glory to God! And….these are some of yours! You gave to us….we gave to them. Praise the Lord!