News from Japan

Dear Family and Friends around the world

Is it still hot where you live? It is here! And what about the typhoon hitting the east coast? We are praying for you. Also, the protests in Hong Kong may result in many dying. Wow! How this world is changing! But, we thank the Lord for what He is doing. Communion this past Sunday was so good as new members participated for the first time. A Brazilian couple who will become members later this month were supposed to be moving into a new house on Sunday. But when they learned about Sunday Communion they told me 2 weeks ago, “We cannot miss that Sunday…we will stop moving and be in church!” And they were! Attached is a short collection of pics Ruth took while in Cambodia last month. She was so encouraged by youth who love the Lord….rarely saw anyone her age! What suffering took place in that nation not long ago!!! Again, thank you for sharing and caring. 25 Hawaiians arrive tomorrow for a full day of sharing. We must be up and running early tomorrow. God bless you more!