News from Japan

Dear Family and Friends around the world

It it hot here and what is it like where you are? Well, this is summer. Some have returned to their home country for a vacation and others to leave this week so I thought we would have ‘slim pickins’ today but….6 came for the first time and one new Christian will be water baptized in 2 weeks. A Brazilian brother was our speaker….his first time…and was so good. Earlier in the week, Ruth and I spent a few days in Kobe with family there and that was a good time too. Ruth leaves for a mission trip to Cambodia on Friday…will be there for about 8 days. I will keep things moving along here. Attached video was made last week. …Sweet people who are being changed by the Lord. We are so happy. And….thank you again. Oh, one Japanese lady returned, her second time….in the middle of the biggest family mess….unbelievable. She weeps when talking to other members…says she feels like she is in a big family who love here. Wow! People need the Lord. Thank you for praying. Looking forward to sharing good reports as the summer progesses! Love to all….