News from Japan

Dear Family and Friends around the world

Rainy season is almost over with but looks like showers for today. But, it is not really hot just very humid. Anyhow, had a great time at the church yesterday….no one came for the first time but wow, the singing was the best. We sang ‘Christ the Lord is Risen Today’ in three languages and ended with shouting, ‘He’s alive!’ I think I heard angels join us! We must have more expressions of praise in our church! Definitely! Anyhow, that was followed by a birthday party(see attached video) which I thought included a cake and 3 regular size pizzas. But….Filipino sisters brought more food and we just ate and ate. The party was for an 89 year old Christian who wanted that party and then asked for a birthday BBQ next year when she turns 90! We will do that, Lord willing. Oh, thank you so much for praying for us. Tests seem to be coming from the left and right but “If God be for us who could be against us?” Love to you all…