News from Japan

Dear Family and Friends around the world

It is Tuesday and we are still so thankful for what the Lord did this past Sunday. Two came for the first time, a Japanese mother and daughter….and….maybe they will come back. A Brazilian couple who requested church membership returned and it looks like they will keep coming. Also, the young lady who took faith in God 2 weeks ago also came back. So, we are thankful. No pics from this past Sunday…I was too busy talking. From 3 PM a Brazilian Baptist church used our building until 9 PM. Also they water baptized a teenager. The pastor and his wife are our friends and they love their church. They had gone to a large river for other baptisms but now it is the rainy season so it is dangerous to get into the river. They used our baptismal pool. So good. Well, more rain today but something good is happening in the church so we can rejoice. Thank you again for praying…for sharing…for remembering.